Insurance Planning

Trauma, Income Protection and Life Insurance.

32% of Australians are forced into retirement early due to illness or injury.

Some questions that you need to ask.

How much cover do I really need?
How do I apply for it?
Are medical tests required?
Who has the best valued cover for my age and occupation?
What about my existing super arrangements?
How long does the cover last?
Is it paid to my spouse or dependants on my death?

Trauma insurance is the type of insurance that more Australians claim against.

Health researches state that we are more likely to suffer from a trauma than die or become permanently disabled. Trauma or critical illness is now the most popular form of insurance. Give us a call and we can assist in sourcing the best rates.

We can provide you with access to our comparison web site that compares all major insurers so you can get the best deal.
Financial Choice is one of Australia’s most successful life Insurance brokers with a long history of assisting professionals with researching the best cover,assisting in applying for cover and most importantly- managing insurance claims for clients when they arise. Most income protection claims last at least 90 days and over 45 per cent are still on claim after 18 months according to industry statistics.

You need a trusted adviser to help you determine how much cover you need.
Most people don’t think about insurance until it is too late.

Insurance is too hard, it’s expensive, and you’ll never need it.


We manage claims for clients who will provide you with testimonials why they needed to be convinced about the need for insurance. Too many people wait until a diagnosis has been given or a close family member suffers a set back before they even consider the need for insurance. That is too late. The ideal way to buy life insurance is via your superannuation fund.

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