Retirement Planning

What is the most important component of a successful retirement?
Predictable Income that is guaranteed.

What is the best solution for a secure retirement?

Financial Choice has now introduced our model portfolios using index funds from all around the world wrapped into an administration facility that is low cost and efficient. The model portfolios better reflect your investment personality and objectives.

This can be achieved for a total cost of 0.95% of your investment amount. When you compare this against the expensive wraps and other retirement products our service is unbeatable.

Strip away all those layers of fees and bring down those inherent conflicts of interest that fund managers pay their advisers and platform managers to encourage them to invest in funds that deliver sub par performance in good times and bad.

Over the next decade investors will be expecting a lower overall performance on their retirement lump sum. With layers of fees on most investment platforms between 1.5 and 2.5% of the amount that you invest then a reduction of between 0.5% and 1.5% can make an enormous difference over the long term.

Our Performance Guarantee

“If you invest in our conservative model portfolio and we do not generate a positive return for you over a twelve month period then we will charge you zero fees”.

What about fees on your investing?

What fees do you normally pay when investing?

Your fees are generally broken into three categories with most investment products provided with advice.

First is the investment administration fee.

This fee is generally around 0.30% and 0.60% of your investment amount. This includes trustee fees and on line accounts keeping fees.

Secondly you will pay an investment management fee.

This fee averages around 0.60%. This can vary dependent upon the type of investment you choose. Cash is around 0.20% up to international investing that can cost around 1.2%

Finally, advice fees can vary from 0.5% up to 1.5%. This means that your adviser will charge based on the level of time and effort involved in developing a strategy and implementing the advice.

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